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It's been a while, my friends!

For a girl who likes girls, I sure have a lot of Joel Gretsch in this batch *g*

[x] The 4400
[x] V (Erica/Jack)
[x] Fringe
[x] The Good Wife


The 4400

01 02 03

04 05

V (Erica/Jack)

06 07 08

09 10 11


12 13 14

The Good Wife

15 16

- I haven’t made icons in over two years, so these are pretty experimental… which may explain all the orange and blue. Maybe.
- I usually avoid text like the plague, but couldn’t resist #09. Poor Father Jack, I think we’d all fail at keeping our thoughts pure around Elizabeth Mitchell ;)
- #16: Kalinda, your crush is showing.
- Why are my Fringe icons all sad? Because Anna Torv's smile is a secret weapon, and must be used with caution.
- The frabulous textures I've used are thanks to: miyouri, oum_boojae & gjane.
- If snagging please credit saint_moro, it's muchly appreciated!
- Please don't hotlink or edit.
- Enjoy! :)

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